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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020ASRoIL: a comprehensive survey for automatic speech recognition of Indian languagesSingh A; Kadyan V; Kumar M; Bassan N.
2017Assessing the relationship between country-of-origin image, brand image and product involvement with a focus on Indian consumersSingh A; Mittal A.
2021Brief study to explore trust and security challenges in cloud computingSingh A; Kaur A; Gupta D.
2021Cloud computing: A walk through in models, challenges, and energy solutionsGupta N; Gupta K; Singh A; Kaur A; Gupta D.
2020Derivatized Carbon Nanotubes for Gene Therapy in Mammalian and Plant CellsSingh A; Hua Hsu M; Gupta N; Khanra P; Kumar P; Prakash Verma V; Kapoor M.
2021An efficient framework using visual recognition for IoT based smart city surveillanceKumar M; Raju K S; Kumar D; Goyal N; Verma S; Singh A
2020An empirical study of factors affecting the selection of point of purchase location: A case of FMCG industrySingh A; Singla B; Sharma S.
2020An empirical study of the factors affecting online shopping behavior of the indian consumersSingh A; Singh A; Vij T.S; Pardesi A.
2017Hindi dialect (Bangro) spoken language recognition (HD-SLR) system using sphinx3Kadyan V; Singh A; Wadhwa P.
2021Hot Corrosion Behaviour of Different Ceramics Coatings on Boiler Tube Steel at 800��C TemperatureSingh A; Goyal K; Goyal R; Krishan B.
2020Information and communication technology enabled rural organized retailSingla B; Singh A; Sharma S.
2019An Investigation on Hot Corrosion Behaviour of Cermet Coatings in Simulated Boiler EnvironmentSingh A; Goyal K; Goyal R.
2020Latest trends and techniques of multibanding in Microstrip patch antennas for wireless applicationsGeetanjali; Kaushik A; Singh A; Malik V.
2018Molecular dynamics/quantum mechanics guided designing of natural products based prodrugs of EpalrestatVyas B; Choudhary S; Singh P.K; Singh A
2020Site-Selective C(sp3)?H and C(sp2)?H Functionalization of Amines Using a Directing-Group-Guided StrategyKapoor M; Singh A; Sharma K; Hua Hsu M.
2020A study of recent issues in cloud computing techniquesSingh A; Kaur A; Gupta D; Gupta N; Gupta K.
2019Technological advancement-based paradigm shift: A focus shift from large screen to small screenSingh A; Jain A; Singla B.
2021Therapeutic modulation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases (PI3K) pathway in cerebral ischemic injuryKhan H; Singh A; Thapa K; Garg N; Grewal A K; Singh T G
2019Validation of machine learning models for health insurance risks assessmentSingh A; Ramkumar K.R.