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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Application of Taguchi Method and ANOVA in Parameters Optimization for Fluidization Characteristic of Pine Needles in Fluidized BedSharma V; Sharma RK
2020Counteracting role of nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 pathway in Alzheimer's diseaseSharma V; Kaur A; Singh T.G.
2017Droplet configuration control with orange azo dichroic dye in polymer dispersed liquid crystal for advanced electro-optic characteristicsSharma V; Kumar P; Sharma A; Chinky; Raina K.K.
2017Dye-dependent studies on droplet pattern and electro-optic behaviour of polymer dispersed liquid crystalKumar P; Sharma V; Jaggi C; Raina K.K.
2019Effect of dichroic dye on absorption coefficient and electro-optic performance of nano particles induced homeotropic aligned liquid crystalChinky; Kumar P; Sharma V; Gahrotra R; Malik P; Raina K.K.
2020Effect of dye on electro-optic behavior of vertically aligned liquid crystal display cellChinky; Dogra A.R; Sharma V; Gahrotra R; Malik P; Kumar P.
2019Effect of nano particles on electro optic properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal in normal modeSharma V; Kumar P; Chinky; Gahrotra R; Raina K.K; Malik P.
2017Impact of dye on the switching responses of polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystalKumar P; Sharma V; Chinky; Jayoti D; Raina K.K; Malik P.
2018Morphological and electro optic studies of polymer dispersed liquid crystal in reverse modeSharma V; Kumar P; Chinky, Malik P
2019Nano particles induced vertical alignment of liquid crystal for display devices with augmented morphological and electro-optical characteristicsChinky; Kumar P; Sharma V; Malik P; Raina K.K.
2017Orientational control of liquid crystal molecules via carbon nanotubes and dichroic dye in polymer dispersed liquid crystalKumar P; Sharma V; Jaggi C; Malik P; Raina K.K.
2020Pine needle energy potential in conifer forest of western himalayanSharma V; Sharma R.K.
2018Post-processing of metal matrix composites by friction stir processingSharma V; Singla Y; Gupta Y
2020Preparation and electrooptic study of reverse mode polymer dispersed liquid crystal: Performance augmentation with the doping of nanoparticles and dichroic dyeSharma V; Kumar P.; Chinky; Malik P; Raina K.K.
2017Studies of absorption coefficient cum electro-optic performance of polymer dispersed liquid crystal doped with CNT and dichroic dyeSharma V; Kumar P.
2018Studies on inter-dependency of electrooptic characteristics of orange azo and blue anthraquinone dichroic dye doped polymer dispersed liquid crystalsKumar P; Sharma V; Raina K.K.
2020Study on anchoring strength and droplet morphology of cnts doped polymer dispersed liquid crystalSharma V; Gahrotra R; Kumar P; Raina K.K.
2020Textural and electro-optical study of cholesteric liquid crystal for light shutterGahrotra R; Sharma V; Malik P; Kumar P.