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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Built-in reliability investigation of gate-drain underlapped pnin-gaa-tfet for improved linearity and reduced intermodulation distortionPandey R; Madan J; Sharma R; Dassi M; Chaujar R.
2018Capacitive Analysis of Hetero Material Gate PNIN-DG-TFET over Diverge Temperature Range for Superior RF/Microwave PerformanceKaur R; Madan J; Sharma R; Pandey R; Chaujar R.
2020Challenges faced in running 'Train the Trainers' program by industry professionals and possible solutionsJuneja S; Pandey R; Arora V; Sharma R; Mantri A.
2019Efficiency and ranking of sustainability index of India using DEA-TOPSISMehta K; Sharma R; Vyas V.
2018Energy analysis of two-tiered clustered architectures for smart world applicationsSingh R; Sharma R; Krishna C.R; Vig R.
2020Evaluation of renoprotective potential of Ficus religiosa in attenuation of diabetic nephropathy in ratsSingh T.G; Sharma R; Kaur A; Dhiman S; Singh R.
2019Experimental evaluation of magnetic abrasive finishing process with diamond abrasiveKumar V; Sharma R; Dhakar K; Singla Y.K; Verma K.
2019Impact of metal silicide source electrode on polarity gate induced source in junctionless TFETMadan J; Pandey R; Sharma R; Chaujar R.
2020Investigation of electrical/analog performance and reliability of gate metal and source pocket engineered DG-TFETMadan J; Pandey R; Sharma R; Chaujar R.
2019Machine learning algorithms for building recommender systemsSharma R; Rani S; Tanwar S.
2017Management of forex risk exposure: A study of SMEs and unlisted non-financial firms in IndiaMehta K; Sharma R; Aman Chugh C.A.
2021MOS based pseudo-resistors exhibiting Tera Ohms of Incremental Resistance for biomedical applications: Analysis and proof of conceptSharma K; Pathania A; Pandey R; Madan J; Sharma R
2021A novel approach for smart-healthcare recommender systemSharma R; Rani S.
2021Numerical simulation and proof of concept for performance assessment of cesium based lead-free wide-bandgap halide solar cellsSharma S; Pandey R; Madan J; Sharma R
2018Numerical Simulation of CeOx ETL based Perovskite Solar Cell:-An Optimization Study for High Efficiency and StabilitySingla A; Pandey R.; Sharma R; Madan J; Singh K; Yadav V.K; Chaujar R.
2019Numerical Simulations to Understand the Role of DIO Additive in PTB7:PC71BM Solar CellPandey R; Madan J; Sharma R; Chaujar R.
2018Parametric Variation of ZnSe/TiO2Electron Transport Layer Based Perovskite Solar Cell: A Simulation Study and OptimizationArora N; Pandey R; Sharma R; Madan J; Chaujar R.
2020Proceedings of International Conference on Contemporary Technologies of Computing, Analytics and Networks - EditorialJuneja S; Sharma R; Hsiung P.-A.
2017Quantum confined model for a novel tri-material gate stack engineered double gate MOSFETDuggal D; Sharma R; Kapoor B.
2019Recommender system: Towards classification of human intentions in e-shopping using machine learningKaur B; Sharma R; Rani S; Gupta D.