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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Bioadhesive films as drug delivery systemsSingh I; Dastidar D G; Ghosh D; Sengupta A; Ajala T O; Odeku O A; Singh B P; Sharma M
2018Blockchain-based resource discovery for the intercloudSharma M; Gupta A; Singh J.
2021Compact 2 � 2/4 � 4 tapered microstrip feed MIMO antenna configuration for high-speed wireless applications with band stop filtersSharma M; Vashist P C; Ashtankar P S; Mittal S K
2020A compressed domain based robust and imperceptible digital video watermarking schemeAhuja R; Sharma M; Haque M.J.
2020Computational Analysis of 2times 2 MIMO Antenna with Mitigation of Dual Interfering BandsSharma M; Sharma S; Malhotra S
2021Computational Design, Analysis and Characterization of Beetle Shaped High Isolation Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Reconfigurable Monopole-Antenna with Dual Band Filters for Wireless ApplicationsSharma M; Singh S; Varma R
2020Design and analysis of frequency reconfigurable multiband antenna (bluetooth/downlink frequencies for INSAT/downlink X-band satellite system) using PIN diodes for wireless communication systemsSharma M; Vikas; Kumar N.
2020Design, analysis and characterization of four port multiple-input-multiple-output UWB-X band antenna with band rejection ability for wireless network applicationsDhasarathan V; Nguyen T.K; Sharma M; Patel S.K; Mittal S.K; Pandian M.T.
2021Digital video watermarking: Features, techniques, and challengesSharma L; Anand A; Trivedi N.K; Sharma M; Singh J.
2019Driving digital transformation using mHealth in clinical research: Bridging the gap to true patient centricityGarg N; Kaur K; Singh T.G; Singh M; Jaura R.K; Sharma M; Munawar A; Haque A.
2020Hybrid molecules based on 1,3,5-triazine as potential therapeutics: A focused reviewPrasher P; Sharma M; Aljabali A.A.A; Gupta G; Negi P; Kapoor D.N; Singh I; Zacconi F.C; de Jesus Andreoli Pinto T; da Silva M.W; Bakshi H.A; Chellappan D.K; Tambuwala M.M; Dua K.
2020Integrated bluetooth/LTE2600 superwideband monopole antenna with triple notched (WiMAX/WLAN/DSS) band characteristics for UWB/X/Ku band wireless network applicationsDhasarathan V; Sharma M; Kapil M; Vashist P.C; Patel S.K; Nguyen T.K.
2021Is private equity different from public equity?Sharma M; Sharma S.
2019MIMO Antenna with Superwideband Bandwidth Including Dual Notched Band Characteristics for UWB/X/Ku Band Wireless ApplicationsSharma M; Kapil M; Kumar N.
2019Reconfigurable (H-T-E) DGS Monopole Antenna with Switchable Band Notch Characteritics for Wireless ApplicationsSharma M; Kumar N.
2020RF PIN diodes triggered frequecny reconfigurable multiband (UMTS/Bluetooth/WiMAX) antenna for applications in wireless systemSharma M; Vikas V; Kumar N.
2020An ultra-compact four-port 4 � 4 superwideband MIMO antenna including mitigation of dual notched bands characteristics designed for wireless network applicationsSharma M; Dhasarathan V; Patel S.K; Nguyen T.K.
2021A UWB-X Band With Three Notched Filters Inheriting High Isolation 2�2 MIMO Antenna Designed for High Speed Wireless ApplicationsSharma M; Ahuja R; Haque MJ