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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Advanced dosage form design: Role of modified natural gumsDevi G; Kaur M; Nagpal M; Sharma A; Puri V; Dhingra G A; Arora M
2020Ameliorative effect of selegiline in high fat diet induced obesity rat model: Possible role of dopaminergic pathwayGoyal A; Sharma A; Sharma D; Behl T; Kamboj A; Babu A.
2021Analysis and comparison of different blockchain algorithms in IoT securityParmar M; Kumar N; Kaur H.J; Sharma A; Sharma S; Sandhu M.
2017Area and power analysis of adiabatic 2�1 multiplexer design on 65nm CMOS technologySharma A; Sohal H; Sharma K.
2020Artificial Intelligence-Based Fault Diagnosis for Condition Monitoring of Electric MotorsSharma A; Mathew L; Chatterji S; Goyal D.
2020Biopolymeric, nanopatterned, fibrous carriers for wound healing applicationsSharma A; Puri V; Kumar P; Singh I
2019A comprehensive study on recognition of various indian and non indian scriptsKumar N; Singh S; Monga A; Sharma A; Gupta S.
2017Considerations for ultra-low-power VLSI design-A surveySharma A; Sohal H.
2020COVID-19: Epidemiology, pathogenicity and global updatesSingh M; Nagpal M; Singh V; Sharma A; Dhingra G.A; Maman P; Puri V.
2020Development of binary dispersions and nanocomposites of irbesartan with enhanced antihypertensive activityPuri V; Nagpal M; Sharma A; Thakur G S; Singh M; Aggarwal G
2017Droplet configuration control with orange azo dichroic dye in polymer dispersed liquid crystal for advanced electro-optic characteristicsSharma V; Kumar P; Sharma A; Chinky; Raina K.K.
2019Effect of post weld thermal aging (PWTA) sensitization on micro-hardness and corrosion behavior of AISI 304 weld jointsKumar M; Babbar A; Sharma A; Shahi A.S.
2020Effect of Pre and Post Tempering on Hole Quality of Float Glass Specimen: for Rotary Ultrasonic and Conventional DrillingSharma A; Jain V; Gupta D.
2018Effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles on dielectric behavior of nematic liquid crystalSharma A; Kumar P; Malik P.
2019Electro-Optical and Dielectric Responses of ZnO Nanoparticles Doped Nematic Liquid Crystal in In-Plane Switching (IPS) ModeSharma A; Malik P; Kumar P.
2021Evaluation of immunostimulant activity and inhibition of cytokine storm activity of proprietary herbal formulation virulina�Arora S; Sharma A; Sharma N; Singh S; Singh T G
2020Experimental investigation of cutting temperature during drilling of float glass specimenSharma A; Jain V.
2020Exploring the multifaceted therapeutic potential of withaferin a and its derivativesBehl T; Sharma A; Sharma L; Sehgal A; Zengin G; Brata R; Fratila O; Bungau S.
2018Formulation and evaluation of silymarin-loaded chitosan-montmorilloite microbeads for the potential treatment of gastric ulcersSharma A; Puri V; Kakkar V; Singh I.
2019Improvement in electro-optical and dielectric characteristics of ZnO nanoparticles dispersed in a nematic liquid crystal mixtureSharma A; Malik P; Dhar R; Kumar P.