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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Dosimetry of adult and pediatric patients for common digital radiography examinationsRana B.S; Kumar S; Sandhu I.S; Singh N.P.
2020Effect of Gd3+ substitution and processing temperature on the magnetic properties of BiFeO3Dhillon G; Sandhu I.S; Chitkara M.
2020Estimates of patient doses and kerma-area product monitoring in digital radiographyKaushik C; Sandhu I.S; Srivastava A.K.
2018Exfoliation of Graphene Oxide via Chemical Reduction MethodRana S; Sandhu I.S; Chitkara M.
2020Formulation and evaluation of essential oils based liquid herbal hand washChitkara M; Sindhu R.K; Singh I; Kumar D; Sandhu I.S; Arora S.
2021Graphene for hydrogen energy storage - A comparative study on GO and rGO employed in a modified reversible PEM fuel cellJindal H; Oberoi A.S; Sandhu I.S; Chitkara M; Singh B.
2019Mineral content analysis of polyherbal energy bar using X-ray fluorescence techniqueChitkara M; Kohli R; Sandhu I.S; Singh D; Kaur G; Sindhu R.K.
2018Nanostructure Materials for Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage: A ReviewJindal H; Sandhu I.S; Chitkara M; Oberoi A.S.
2020Photocatalytic performances of stand-alone graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanostructuresSandhu I.S; Chitkara M; Rana S; Dhillon G; Taneja A; Kumar S.
2017Photoluminescence and photo-catalytic properties of Zn1?x?yCuxMnyS nanostructuresKumar D; Monga R; Sandhu I.S; Bhatti H.S; Singh K.
2020Potential porous mediums for electrochemical hydrogen storage: State of art and comparative studyJindal H; Oberoi A.S; Sandhu I.S; Chitkara M.
2019A Reduced Graphene Oxide Electrode For Solid-State Hydrogen Storage Within A Proton BatteryJindal H; Oberoi A.S; Sandhu I.S; Chitkara M.