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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analytical Review of Biometric Technology Employing Vivid ModalitiesPrabhjot Kaur; Thakur Gurjeet Singh; Sonia Dhiman; Sandeep Arora
2022Application of Central Composite Design for Development and Optimization of Eflornithine Hydrochloride-loaded Sustained Release Solid Lipid MicroparticlesIkmeet Kaur Grewal; Sukhbir Singh; Sandeep Arora; Neelam Sharma
2021Design and synthesis of novel 4-aminophenazone Schiff bases by grinding technique as prospective anti-inflammatory agentsRashmi Arora; Rishi Sharma; Abhishek Tageza; Ajmer Singh Grewal; Balraj Saini; Sandeep Arora; Rajwinder Kaur
2021Design, synthesis, and evaluation of some novel N benzothiazol-2-yl benzamide derivatives as allosteric activators of human glucokinaseSandeep Arora; Ajmer Singh Grewal; Neelam Sharma; Kunal Arora; Ervon Dhalio; Sukhbir Singh
2021Food Insecurity and Dietary Intake among Rural Indian Women: An Exploratory StudyTapan Behl; Keshav Mehta; Aayush Sehgal; Sukhbir Singh; Neelam Sharma; Amirhossein Ahmadi; Sandeep Arora; Simona Bungau
2022Image quality enhancement for Wheat rust diseased images using Histogram equalization techniqueNikhil Garg; Thakur Gurjeet Singh; Heena khan; Sandeep Arora; Amarjot Kaur; Ashi Mannan
2022Multi-variable optimization for surface roughness and micro-hardness in MQL assisted face milling of EN31 steel using Taguchi based grey relational analysisAayush Sehgal; Tapan Behl; Ishnoor Kaur; Sukhbir Singh; Neelam Sharma; Sandeep Arora
2021Pyrazolones as a potential anticancer scaffold: Recent trends and future perspectivesSuman Adhikari; Manjinder Singh; Pratibha Sharma; Sandeep Arora
2020Role of protein kinase C in obesityPriya Nijhawan; Tapan Behl; Sandeep Arora