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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Caching policies in NDN-IoT architectureGupta D; Rani S; Ahmed S.H; Hussain R.
2021Consumer Electronic Devices: Evolution and Edge Security SolutionsRani S; Garg S; Gupta D; Jalilpiran M; Hossain M S
2020Detection of eye ailments using segmentation of blood vessels from eye fundus imageDatta P; Rani S; Koundal D.
2021Detection of shilling attack in recommender system for YouTube video statistics using machine learning techniquesRani S; Kaur M; Kumar M; Ravi V; Ghosh U; Mohanty J R
2020Dynamic clustering approach based on wireless sensor networks genetic algorithm for IoT applicationsRani S; Ahmed S.H; Rastogi R.
2018Enhancing levenshtein´┐Żs edit distance algorithm for evaluating document similarityRani S; Singh J.
2021Essence of scalability in wireless sensor network for smart city applicationsDogra R; Rani S; Sharma B; Verma S.
2020A hybrid approach for the optimization of quality of service metrics of WSNRani S; Balasaraswathi M; Reddy P.C.S; Brar G.S; Sivaram M; Dhasarathan V.
2021Hybrid local phase quantization and grey wolf optimization based SVM for finger vein recognitionKapoor K; Rani S; Kumar M; Chopra V; Brar G S
2021ICN-Based Enhanced Cooperative Caching for Multimedia Streaming in Resource Constrained Vehicular EnvironmentGupta D; Rani S; Ahmed S H; Garg S
2021Load Balancing Algorithm for Migrating Switches in Software-Defined Vehicular NetworksBabbar H; Rani S; Masud M; Verma S; Anand D; Jhanjhi N
2019Machine learning algorithms for building recommender systemsSharma R; Rani S; Tanwar S.
2018A novel framework and enhanced QoS big data protocol for smart city applicationsRani S; Chauhdary S.H.
2021Performance Analysis of Caching Strategies in Information-Centric NetworkingGupta D; Rani S; Ahmed S.H.
2020QoS aware cross layer paradigm for urban development applications in IoTRani S; Saravanakumar N; Rajeyyagari S; Porkodi V; Bouk S.H.
2019Recommender system: Towards classification of human intentions in e-shopping using machine learningKaur B; Sharma R; Rani S; Gupta D.
2021A Review to Forest Fires and Its Detection Techniques Using Wireless Sensor NetworkDogra R; Rani S; Sharma B.
2020A smart approach for fire prediction under uncertain conditions using machine learningSharma R; Rani S; Memon I.
2019Stress detection using machine learning classifiers in internet of things environmentSharma R; Rani S; Gupta D.
2019Towards pending interest table management solutions in named data networkingGupta D; Rani S; Ahmed S.H; Hussain R.