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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of MANET Payload Delivery Behaviour with Parallel Routingthrough MIMOSharma I; Ramkumar K.R.
2020A Comparative Study on Various Intrusion Detection Techniques Using Machine Learning and Neural NetworkBhatia V; Choudhary S; Ramkumar K.R.
2020Content based routing algorithm to improve QoS in IoMT networksAgnihotri S; Ramkumar K.R.
2020A detailed analysis of artificial intelligence support to measure negative impacts created by the abnormal growth of prosopis juliflora: A reviewChoudhary S; Ramkumar K.R.
2017A detailed analysis of data consistency concepts in data exchange formats (JSON & XML)Goyal G; Singh K; Ramkumar K.R.
2021Difference computation using change identification techniques for structured web documentsArora J; Ramkumar K.R.
2020Effective Data Transmission with UART on Kintex-7 FPGAKumar K; Kaur A; Ramkumar K.R.
2020An Efficient Quantum Computing technique for cracking RSA using Shor's AlgorithmBhatia V; Ramkumar K.R.
2019An enhanced routing algorithm for internet of things that resolves heterogeneity issuesAgnihotri S; Ramkumar K.R.
2017Frequency scaling based energy efficient Bengali unicode reader design for 28 nm and 40nm FPGAKaur A; Singh S; Ramkumar K.R.
2020IoT Based Navigation System for Visually Impaired PeopleChoudhary S; Bhatia V; Ramkumar K.R.
2019Review on face recognition by machine learning and deep learning approachesJain P; Gupta S; Ramkumar K.R.
2020Routing methods for wireless networks using MIMO support: A survey and future scopeSharma I; Ramkumar K.R.
2017A survey and comparative analysis of the various routing protocols of Internet of ThingsAgnihotri S; Ramkumar K.R.
2017A survey on ACO based multipath routing algorithms for ad hoc networksSharma I; Ramkumar K.R.
2019Validation of machine learning models for health insurance risks assessmentSingh A; Ramkumar K.R.