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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A 1.1 ?W biopotential amplifier based on bulk-driven quasi-floating gate technique with extremely low-value of offset voltageSharma P; Sharma K; Jatana H.S; Madan J; Pandey R; Sharma R.
2018Analysis of Varied Dielectrics as Surface Passivation on AlGaN/GaN HEMT for Analog ApplicationsMadan J; Pandey R; Arora H; Chaujar R.
2020Built-in reliability investigation of gate-drain underlapped pnin-gaa-tfet for improved linearity and reduced intermodulation distortionPandey R; Madan J; Sharma R; Dassi M; Chaujar R.
2018Capacitive Analysis of Hetero Material Gate PNIN-DG-TFET over Diverge Temperature Range for Superior RF/Microwave PerformanceKaur R; Madan J; Sharma R; Pandey R; Chaujar R.
2020Challenges faced in running 'Train the Trainers' program by industry professionals and possible solutionsJuneja S; Pandey R; Arora V; Sharma R; Mantri A.
2020Comprehensive Study on the Recent Development of PERC Solar CellKashyap S; Madan J; Pandey R; Sharma R.
2020Conducting Polymer Based Gas Sensor Using PNIN- Gate All Around - Tunnel FETMadan J; Pandey R; Chaujar R.
2020Current Reference Circuit Operable at Low Voltages Using Composite MOS Triode ResistorSharma K; Tripathi R.K; Jatana H.S; Pandey R; Madan J; Sharma P; Sharma R.
2020Design and optimization of 26.3% efficient perovskite/FeSi2 monolithic tandem solar cellPathania A; Pandey R; Madan J; Sharma R.
2020Design and Simulation of a-Si:H/PbS Colloidal Quantum Dots Monolithic Tandem Solar Cell for 12% EfficiencyKashyap S; Pandey R; Madan J; Sharma R.
2019Design and Simulation of Novel Perovskite/Mg2Si Based Monolithic Tandem Solar Cell with 25.5% Conversion EfficiencyPathania A; Pandey R; Madan J; Sharma R.
2019Designing of CZTSSe Based SnS Thin Film Solar Cell for Improved Conversion Efficiency: A Simulation Study with SCAPSShivani; Madan J; Pandey R; Sharma R.
2020Device simulation of 17.3% efficient lead-free all-perovskite tandem solar cellMadan J; Shivani; Pandey R; Sharma R.
2020Device Simulation of Poly (3-Hexylthiophene) HTL Based Single and Double Halide Perovskite Solar CellsSharma S; Gohri S; Pandey R; Madan J; Sharma R.
2020Device simulations: Toward the design of >13% efficient PbS colloidal quantum dot solar cellPandey R; Khanna A; Singh K; Patel S.K; Singh H; Madan J.
2020Effect of structural and temperature variations on perovskite/Mg2Si based monolithic tandem solar cell structurePathania A; Madan J; Pandey R; Sharma R.
2020Effect of temperature on analog performance of Mg2Si source heterojunction double gate tunnel field effect transistorDassi M; Madan J; Pandey R; Sharma R.
2018Electrical Characteristics Assessment of Gate Metal and Source Pocket Engineered DG-TFET for Low Power Analog ApplicationsMadan J; Kaur R.Sharma R; Pandey R; Chaujar R.
2019Impact of metal silicide source electrode on polarity gate induced source in junctionless TFETMadan J; Pandey R; Sharma R; Chaujar R.
2020Influence of SnS and Sn2S3 based BSF layers on the performance of CZTSSe solar cellGohri S; Sharma S; Pandey R; Madan J; Sharma R.