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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Antenna Diversity Scheme for Multipath Mitigation in Vehicular Adhoc Networks on Urban RoadsKhurana M; Ramakrishna C; Panda S.N.
2017Capacity enhancement using MU-MIMO in vehicular ad hoc networkKhurana M; Ramakrishna C; Panda S.N.
2019Cloudreports tool to implement IaaS framework with location-based authentication in cloudMehta A; Panda S.N.
2019Clustering using opendaylight in software defined networkingBadotra S; Panda S.N.
2019Detecting kidney disease using Na�ve bayes and decision tree in machine learningKapoor S; Verma R; Panda S.N.
2019Energy-Aware Parallel Computing for Cloud Architecture using ANNKapoor S; Panda S.N.
2019Enhancing border gateway routing protocol with software defined networkingBaggan V; Panda S.N.
2020Evaluation and comparison of OpenDayLight and open networking operating system in software-defined networkingBadotra S; Panda S.N.
2020Experimental comparison and evaluation of various OpenFlow software defined networking controllersBadotra S; Panda S.N.
2018GPS hash table based location identifier algorithm for security and integrity against vampire attacksPanda S.N.
2020An Introduction of CloudSim Simulation tool for Modelling and SchedulingSundas A; Panda S.N.
2020IoT Based Integrated Technologies for Garbage Monitoring SystemSundas A; Panda S.N.
2018Low power UART design using different nanometer technology based FPGAKumar K; Kaur A; Pandey B; Panda S.N.
2020Malaria detection using deep residual networks with mobile microscopyPattanaik P.A; Mittal M; Khan M.Z; Panda S.N.
2019A meta analysis on effective conditions to offer animation based teaching styleKaushal R.K; Panda S.N.
2018Moth-Dolphin based routing in Wireless Sensor NetworkKumar A; Singh J; Singla S; Panda S.N.
2019A review on software-defined networking enabled iot cloud computingBadotra S; Panda S.N.
2019A roadmap of challenges for openflow-sdn based IoT networksBhardwaj S; Panda S.N.
2021Scheduling of Parallel Tasks in Cloud Environment Using DAG MODELKapoor S; Panda S.N.
2017Security aware vulnerability avoidance in cloud computing using nature inspired approachGupta S; Singla S; Panda S.N.