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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Comparison and Performance Evaluation of Software-Defined Networking ControllersBhardwaj S; Panda S.N; Muskaan; Datta P.
2020Data Analysis of Cyber Security for Women in HaryanaDatta P; Panda S.N; Bajaj S.
2021Detection and Prevention from DDoS Attack Using Software-Defined SecurityBadotra S; Panda S.N; Datta P.
2018Effect of different nano meter technology based FPGA on energy efficient UART designKumar K; Kaur A; Panda S.N; Pandey B.
2017Efficient improved weakly secure network segmentation using DKEWalia K; Panda S.N; Kuma A.
2020Exchange Rate Prediction using ANN and Deep Learning Methodologies: A Systematic ReviewPanda M.M; Panda S.N; Pattnaik P.K.
2020High heel shoes with adjustable height of the heelKumar N; Panda S.N; Kaushal R.K.
2021Hypertensive Retinopathy Screening through Fundus Images-A ReviewNagpal D; Panda S.N; Malarvel M.
2020Internet of Things and its Applications in Healthcare-A SurveyBhatia H; Panda S.N; Nagpal D.
2020An IoT based approach to monitor and replace batteries for battery operated vehicleKaushal R.K; Panda S.N; Kumar N.
2019IoT based E-critical care unit for patients in-transitKumar N; Panda S.N; Pradhan P; Kaushal R.
2019IoT based hybrid system for patient monitoring and medicationKumar N; Panda S.N; Pradhan P; Kaushal R.K.
2020IoT-Enabled Healthcare Network with SDNBadotra S; Nagpal D; Panda S.N; Tanwar S; Bajaj S.
2018Performance Evaluation of Big Data Frameworks: MapReduce and SparkSingh J; Panda S.N; Kaushal R.
2020Proposing effective framework for animation based learning environment for engineering studentsKaushal R.K; Panda S.N; Kumar N.
2019SDWSN: Software-defined wireless sensor networkBhardwaj S; Panda S.N; Chang C.-Y.
2018Secure user authentication and file transfer in wireless sensor network using improved AES algorithmGupta I; Panda S.N; Warti H.S; Gupta J.
2020Security and Issues of M-Banking: A Technical ReportDatta P; Tanwar S; Panda S.N; Rana A.
2018Slow flooding attack detection in cloud using change point detection approachSingh B; Panda S.N; Samra G.S.
2019Survey of security and privacy issues on biometric systemDatta P; Bhardwaj S; Panda S.N; Tanwar S; Badotra S.