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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Antecedents of post purchase consumer dissatisfaction in household white goodsUppal V; Mittal A.
2017Assessing the relationship between country-of-origin image, brand image and product involvement with a focus on Indian consumersSingh A; Mittal A.
2020Barriers to the Adoption of Technology in Learning and Assessment of Undergraduate Architecture StudentsBhandari H; Tandon U; Bansal K; Mittal A.
2019Blockchain: Embedding trust in organic products� supply chainKhare A.A; Mittal A.
2019Drivers and barriers of telemedicine in India: Seeking a new paradigmBakshi S; Tandon U; Mittal A.
2019Emotional Intelligence And Its Relationship To Employability Skills And Employer Satisfaction With Fresh Engineering GraduatesChand P.K; Kumar A.S; Mittal A.
2021Fog computing serverless architecture for real time unpredictable trafficKaur N; Mittal A.
2019Internet of things driven perceived value co-creation in smart cities of the future: A PLS-SEM based predictive modelAggarwal A; Mittal R; Gupta S; Mittal A.
2019Interplay between attitude and purchase intention: An empirical survey on over-the-counter (OTC) drugs consumer behaviourSehgal M; Mittal A.
2020Leader�Member Exchange, Work Engagement, and Psychological Withdrawal Behavior: The Mediating Role of Psychological EmpowermentAggarwal A; Chand P.K; Jhamb D; Mittal A.
2021Managing sustainability in luxury industry to pursue circular economy strategiesShashi Centobelli P; Cerchione R; Mittal A.
2020Predicting Mentoring Effectiveness in a Computer Science Program: A Machine Learning ApproachMittal R; Singh J; Mittal A.
2019A review of the perception of healthcare quality among patients and employeesMathew B; Narayanan R; Mittal A.