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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Augmented reality-based learning environment to enhance teaching-learning experience in geometry educationGargrish S; Mantri A; Kaur D.P.
2019A comparative study of deep neural network based Punjabi-ASR systemKadyan V; Mantri A; Aggarwal R.K; Singh A.
2020Design and development of mems sensors based inertial navigation systems for aerial vehicles: A case studyKaur A; Mantri A; Kumar V.
2019Design implications for adaptive augmented reality based interactive learning environment for improved concept comprehension in engineering paradigmsPrit Kaur D; Mantri A; Horan B.
2021Development of an augmented reality-based scaffold to improve the learning experience of engineering students in embedded system courseKumar A; Mantri A; Dutta R
2020Enhancing student motivation with use of augmented reality for interactive learning in engineering educationKaur D.P; Mantri A; Horan B.
2021Evaluating the attitude towards the intention to use ARITE system for improving laboratory skills by engineering educatorsKumar A; Mantri A
2019Evaluating the impact of the augmented reality learning environment on electronics laboratory skills of engineering studentsSingh G; Mantri A; Sharma O; Dutta R; Kaur R.
2018A Framework Utilizing Augmented Reality to Enhance the Teaching�Learning Experience of Linear Control SystemsPrit Kaur D; Mantri A; Horan B.
2021A framework utilizing augmented reality to improve critical thinking ability and learning gain of the students in PhysicsFaridi H; Tuli N; Mantri A; Singh G; Gargrish S
2017A heterogeneous speech feature vectors generation approach with hybrid hmm classifiersKadyan V; Mantri A; Aggarwal R.K.
2020Impact of flipped learning approach on students motivation for learning digital electronics course [??????? ????????????? ??????? ?? ????????? ????????? ??? ???????? ?????????? �???????? ???????????�]Dutta R; Mantri A; Singh G; Malhotra S; Kumar A.
2020Improved filter bank on multitaper framework for robust Punjabi-ASR systemKadyan V; Mantri A; Aggarwal R.K.
2020Inculcating the spirit and passion for research among Engineering students at Undergraduate levelSharma K; Sharma Y; Mantri A; Sharma R.
2020Influence of analytical approach in logic building for freshman computer science students: A studyKhurana M; Mantri A; Khurana V.
2019Innovations in Tourism Industry Development Using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR)Katkuri P.K; Mantri A; Anireddy S.
2020Measuring Students' Motivation towards Virtual Reality Game-Like Learning EnvironmentsGargrish S; Mantri A; Singh G; Harun
2018Refinement of HMM Model Parameters for Punjabi Automatic Speech Recognition (PASR) SystemKadyan V; Mantri A; Aggarwal R.K.
2021Resolving network issues using augmented reality and virtual realityAnireddy S; Mantri A
2020Studies on the outcome and relevance of research in artificial intelligence domain in South Asian subcontinentSharma P; Madan J; Mann S; Mantri A; Sharma R.