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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of Augmented Course Delivery and Assessment of Undergraduate Computer Engineering Programming Courses with the Use of ICTMaheshwari S; Kumar S; Gill R; Rathore V.S.
2021Analysis of Value-Based Academic Accomplishment Through Prominent Management TechniquesMaheshwari S; Kumar S; Rathore V.S; Modani U.S.
2021Biopolymer-based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering ApplicationsChopra H; Kumar S; Singh I
2018Comparative experimental investigation of preheated thumba oil for its performance testing on a CI engineKumar S; Yadav A.
2018Contribution of flyash from coal-fired thermal power plants to uranium contamination of ground waterSingh G; Singh G; Rani N; Bhalla A; Upmanyu A; Kumar S; Mehta D.
2018Dosimetry of adult and pediatric patients for common digital radiography examinationsRana B.S; Kumar S; Sandhu I.S; Singh N.P.
2018Estimation of radiation exposure to the patients in diagnostic and therapeutic interventional proceduresRana B.S; Kumar S; Ahuja C.K; Singh N.P; Yadav M.K; Sandhu I.S.
2021Implicating the effect of ketogenic diet as a preventive measure to obesity and diabetes mellitusKumar S; Behl T; Sachdeva M; Sehgal A; Kumari S; Kumar A; Kaur G; Yadav H N; Bungau S
2020Influence of lubricants on the performance of journal bearings�a reviewKumar S; Kumar V; Singh A.K.
2018Influence of surface treatments on erosion behavior of various steel alloys- A literature reviewKumar S; Kumar V; Singh A.K; Singh S.K.
2021Innovative Classroom Activity with Flipped Teaching for Programming in C Course�A Case StudyMaheshwari S; Kumar S; Trivedi N.K; Rathore V.S.
2020Isolation and estimation of flavonoid compound(s) of Baccharoides anthelmintica (L.) MoenchKumar D; Kaur A; Madaan R; Kumar S
2021KFCM-Based Direct MarketingTrivedi N.K; Kumar S; Jain S; Maheshwari S.
2020Outbreak Trends of Coronavirus Disease-2019 in India: A PredictionTiwari S; Kumar S; Guleria K.
2020Prediction of maximum pressure of journal bearing using ANN with multiple input parametersKumar S; Kumar V; Singh A.K.
2020Predictions of Minimum Fluid Film Thickness of Journal Bearing Using Feed-Forward Neural NetworkKumar S; Kumar V; Singh A.K.
2019Prevention of black hole attacks in virtualized cloud network using trust-aware energy efficient AODV routing with firefly based AI techniqueSharma P; Kumar S; Kaur A.
2020Process modeling for machining Inconel 825 using cryogenically treated carbide insertKumar S; Sudhakar Rao P; Goyal D; Sehgal S.
2021Thickness measurement of low-Z films fabricated on thick substrate using EDXRF techniqueUpmanyu A K; Kailash Kapil A; Mehta D; Kumar S