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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Accounting for certified emission reductions (CERs) in India: An analysis of the disclosure and reporting practices within the financial statementsKumar P; Firoz M.
2021The ameliorating approach of nanorobotics in the novel drug delivery systems: a mechanistic reviewSindhu R K; Kaur H; Kumar M; Sofat M; Yapar E A; Esenturk I; Kara B A; Kumar P; Keshavarzi Z
2020Biopolymeric, nanopatterned, fibrous carriers for wound healing applicationsSharma A; Puri V; Kumar P; Singh I
2020Carbon Credit Issuance: Accounting Based Financial PerformanceKumar P; Mittal A; Firoz M.
2019Compact Dual Notched Band Monopole Antenna and Analysis in Frequency/Time Domain for UWB Wireless ApplicationsKumar N; Kumar P; Sharma M.
2020Derivatized Carbon Nanotubes for Gene Therapy in Mammalian and Plant CellsSingh A; Hua Hsu M; Gupta N; Khanra P; Kumar P; Prakash Verma V; Kapoor M.
2020Dielectric and electro-optic studies of a ferroelectric liquid crystal dispersed with different sizes of silica nanoparticlesKaur G; Kumar P; Singh A.K; Jayoti D; Malik P.
2018Dielectric spectroscopy of ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtureKumar P; Chinky, Sharma V; Kushwaha J.K
2020Dielectric Studies in Spherical Silica Nanoparticles doped Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal MixtureKaur G; Singh A.K; Yadav S; Kumar P; Malik P.
2017Droplet configuration control with orange azo dichroic dye in polymer dispersed liquid crystal for advanced electro-optic characteristicsSharma V; Kumar P; Sharma A; Chinky; Raina K.K.
2017Dye-dependent studies on droplet pattern and electro-optic behaviour of polymer dispersed liquid crystalKumar P; Sharma V; Jaggi C; Raina K.K.
2019Effect of dichroic dye on absorption coefficient and electro-optic performance of nano particles induced homeotropic aligned liquid crystalChinky; Kumar P; Sharma V; Gahrotra R; Malik P; Raina K.K.
2019Effect of nano particles on electro optic properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal in normal modeSharma V; Kumar P; Chinky; Gahrotra R; Raina K.K; Malik P.
2018Effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles on dielectric behavior of nematic liquid crystalSharma A; Kumar P; Malik P.
2019EPIQA: A robust tool for the quality assurance of total body deliveryKumari R; Kumar P; Singh A.O.
2019Fast and accurate synthesis of frequency reconfigurable slot antenna using back propagation networkKumar R; Kumar P; Singh S; Vijay R.
2019Hexagonal shaped slot antenna resonant frequency determination using ANN approachKumar R; Kumar P; Vijay R.
2020High Rejection plus Shape Radiating Patch Triple Notched UWB/X Band Reconfigurable Monopole Antenna for Imaging and Close Range Radar ApplicationsKumar N; Kumar P; Sharma M.
2017Impact of dye on the switching responses of polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystalKumar P; Sharma V; Chinky; Jayoti D; Raina K.K; Malik P.
2019Integrated Bluetooth UWB Antenna with Reconfigurable Characteristics including rejection of Dual Interfering Bands using Parasitic Elements Backed Plane for Wireless ApplicationsKumar N; Kumar P; Sharma M.