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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The ameliorating approach of nanorobotics in the novel drug delivery systems: a mechanistic reviewSindhu R K; Kaur H; Kumar M; Sofat M; Yapar E A; Esenturk I; Kara B A; Kumar P; Keshavarzi Z
2021Application of IoT in current pandemic of COVID-19Kumar M; Nayar N; Mehta G; Sharma A.
2020ASRoIL: a comprehensive survey for automatic speech recognition of Indian languagesSingh A; Kadyan V; Kumar M; Bassan N.
2017Customer satisfaction trendsin banking industry-a literature reviewKumar M; Sharma S.
2021Detection of shilling attack in recommender system for YouTube video statistics using machine learning techniquesRani S; Kaur M; Kumar M; Ravi V; Ghosh U; Mohanty J R
2019Effect of post weld thermal aging (PWTA) sensitization on micro-hardness and corrosion behavior of AISI 304 weld jointsKumar M; Babbar A; Sharma A; Shahi A.S.
2021An efficient framework using visual recognition for IoT based smart city surveillanceKumar M; Raju K S; Kumar D; Goyal N; Verma S; Singh A
2021EMT: Ensemble meta-based tree model for predicting student performance in academicsKumar M; Mehta G; Nayar N; Sharma A.
2021Hybrid local phase quantization and grey wolf optimization based SVM for finger vein recognitionKapoor K; Rani S; Kumar M; Chopra V; Brar G S
2021IoT in building smart cities and smart environment: Your way to successKumar M; Mehta G; Nayar N; Gupta M.
2021Lacidipine Prevents Scopolamine-Induced Memory Impairment by Reducing Brain Oxido-nitrosative Stress in MiceKhurana K; Kumar M; Bansal N
2021Recognition of online handwritten Gurmukhi characters using recurrent neural network classifierSingh H; Sharma R K; Singh V P; Kumar M
2020Search for non-acidic ALR2 inhibitors: Evaluation of flavones as targeted agents for the management of diabetic complicationsVyas B; Choudhary S; Singh P.K; Kumar M; Verma H; Singh M; Malik A.K; Silakari O.