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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Adopting strategic management in higher education in India: Need, challenges and ideasSawhney S; Kumar K; Gupta A.
2020A Design Implementation and Comparative Analysis of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm on FPGAKumar K; Ramkumar K.R; Kaur A.
2018Effect of different nano meter technology based FPGA on energy efficient UART designKumar K; Kaur A; Panda S.N; Pandey B.
2020Effective Data Transmission with UART on Kintex-7 FPGAKumar K; Kaur A; Ramkumar K.R.
2019Energy efficient instruction register for green communicationSiddiquee S.M.T; Kumar K; Pandey B; Kumar A.
2021Exploring the multifocal role of phytochemicals as immunomodulatorsBehl T; Kumar K; Brisc C; Rus M; Nistor-Cseppento D C; Bustea C; Aron R A C; Pantis C; Zengin G; Sehgal A; Kaur R; Kumar A; Arora S; Setia D; Chandel D; Bungau S
2019Frequency scaling based low power ORIYA UNICODE READER (OUR) design ON 40nm and 28nm FPGAKaur A; Kumar K; Sandhu A; Kaur A; Jain A; Pandey B.
2019Leakage power consumption of address register interfacing with different families of FPGAPandey B; Kumar K; Ahmad S; Pandit A.K; Singh D; Akbar Hussain D.M.
2020A lightweight AES algorithm implementation for encrypting voice messages using field programmable gate arraysKumar K; Ramkumar K.R; Kaur A.
2018Low power UART design using different nanometer technology based FPGAKumar K; Kaur A; Pandey B; Panda S.N.
2020Pleotropic Effects of Polyphenols in Cardiovascular SystemBehl T; Bungau S; Kumar K; Zengin G; Khan F; Kumar A; Kaur R; Venkatachalam T; Tit D.M; Vesa C.M; Barsan G; Mosteanu D.-E.
2019Power efficient frequency scaled and thermal-aware control unit design on FPGAKumar K; Ahmad S; Pandey B; Pandit A.K; Singh D; Hussain D.M.A.
2020A survey on hardware implementation of cryptographic algorithms using field programmable gate arrayKumar K; Ramkumar K.R; Kaur A; Choudhary S.