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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Characterization of Hydroxyapatite Coating on 316L Stainless Steel by Sol�Gel TechniqueKaur S; Bala N; Khosla C.
2018Characterization of Thermal-Sprayed HAP and HAP/TiO2 Coatings for Biomedical ApplicationsKaur S; Bala N; Khosla C.
2019Comparative analysis of plasmonic metamaterial absorber for noble, alkaline earth and transition metals in visible regionKaur S; Kaur H.J.
2021Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworkKaur S; Gupta S; Singh S; Gupta I
2021Gaming addiction to massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) and quality of lifeThakur D; Shergill K; Kaur G; Kaur S; Abrol D; Singh H; Gill A.
2021Hurricane damage detection using machine learning and deep learning techniques: A reviewKaur S; Gupta S; Singh S.
2018Hybridized active learning model based on most certain and uncertain label selectionKaur S; Singla A.
2021Injecting Power Attacks with Voltage Glitching and Generation of Clock Attacks for Testing Fault Injection AttacksKaur S; Singh B; Kaur H; Gupta L.
2019Investigations of thermal sprayed HAP and HAP-TiO2 composite coatings for biomedical applicationsKaur S; Bala N; Khosla C.
2020Protective effects of sesamol against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats: A mechanistic approachSingh T.G; Singh H.P; Kaur S; Dhiman S.
2021Silicon Based Security for Protection Against Hardware VulnerabilitiesKaur S; Singh B; Kaur H
2020A study to assess the effectiveness of training program on knowledge and practices regarding advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) among staff nurses in MMIMS & R hospitalWalia A; Kaur S; Kumari V.