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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Advanced dosage form design: Role of modified natural gumsDevi G; Kaur M; Nagpal M; Sharma A; Puri V; Dhingra G A; Arora M
2019Animal detection: Techniques, challenges and future scopeKaur M; Randhawa R.
2020Antiviral essential oils incorporated in nanocarriers: Strategy for prevention from covid-19 and future infectious pandemicsKaur M; Devi G; Nagpal M; Singh M; Dhingra G A; Aggarwal G
2019Application of genetic algorithm in availability analysis of two dissimilar parallel unit industrial systemKakkar M.K; Bhatti J; Kaur M; Deepika, Pankaj
2019Availability analysis of an industrial system under the provision of replacement of a unit using genetic algorithmKakkar M.K; Bhatti J; Malhotra R; Kaur M; Goyal D.
2017Contextualizing workplace stress: The experience of bank employees in IndiaKaur M; Kumar R.
2021Detection of shilling attack in recommender system for YouTube video statistics using machine learning techniquesRani S; Kaur M; Kumar M; Ravi V; Ghosh U; Mohanty J R
2019Determinants of occupational stress among urban Indian school teachersKaur M; Kumar R.
2019The extent and nature of coverage of mental health issues in printed media in IndiaMohandass B; Kaur M; Kaur H.
2021Improved antibacterial activity of topical gel-based on nanosponge carrier of cinnamon oilKaur M; Nagpal M; Singh M; Singh T G; Aggarwal G; Dhingra G A
2019Knowledge and attitude of Indian parous women toward human milk bankingKaur M; Raghuvanshi S; Kang H.K.
2019Lock stock and barrel of wound healingDhingra G.A; Kaur M; Singh M; Aggarwal G
2021Optimising the parameters affecting degradation of Cypermehtrin in an aqueous solution using TiO2/H2O2 mediated UV photocatalysis: RSM-BBD, kinetics, isotherms and reusabilityKaur M; Noonia A; Dogra A; Singh Thind P
2020Osteoblast-n-osteoclast: Making headway to osteoporosis treatmentKaur M; Nagpal M; Singh M.
2020PROTOCOL: Effectiveness of interpersonal psychotherapy in comparison to other psychological and pharmacological interventions for reducing depressive symptoms in women diagnosed with postpartum depression in low and middle-income countries: A systematic reviewKang H.K; John D; Bisht B; Kaur M; Alexis O; Worsley A.
2020Reliability analysis to industrial active standby redundant systemBhatti J; Kakkar M.K; Bhardwaj N; Kaur M; Deepika
2019Timetable handling mechanism using pythonKaur M; Bhatti J; Kakkar M.K; Goyal D.
2020Transfer learning for breast cancer classification using small dataset of ultrasound imagesKaur M; Khullar V; Singh H.P.