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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The ameliorating approach of nanorobotics in the novel drug delivery systems: a mechanistic reviewSindhu R K; Kaur H; Kumar M; Sofat M; Yapar E A; Esenturk I; Kara B A; Kumar P; Keshavarzi Z
2020A compact polarization independent power splitter for mid IR rangeKaur H; Jindal P.
2017Design and performance analysis of RAM-RD-CONTROL module using Xilinx ISE 14.2Kaur H; Aggarwal D; Singh S; Tandon P; Thaku C; Sohal H.
2020Electrical characteristics analysis of PIN detector with different doping concentration levels of N and P-type materialsKaur H; Kaur H.J; Hooda M.K; Gupta L.
2019A hybrid arima and discrete wavelet transform model for predicting the electricity consumption of PunjabKaur H; Ahuja S.
2021Image Fusion Techniques: A SurveyKaur H; Koundal D; Kadyan V
2021Injecting Power Attacks with Voltage Glitching and Generation of Clock Attacks for Testing Fault Injection AttacksKaur S; Singh B; Kaur H; Gupta L.
2019Multi modal image fusion: Comparative analysisKaur H; Koundal D; Kadyan V.
2019Multiorgan detection: Deep learning based techniques and research directionsKaur H; Kaur N; Neeru N.
2019Novel drug delivery approaches for guggulSingh H; Satija S; Kaur H; Khurana N
2019Radiation induced oral mucositis: Onset, severity and associated risk factors among head and neck cancer patients- A prospective observational studyThomas P.L; Kaur H; Rishi K.S.
2019SARIMA modelling for forecasting the electricity consumption of a health care buildingKaur H; Ahuja S.
2019Self reported oral pain and dysfunctions associated with radiation induced oral mucositis among head and neck cancer patients - A prospective observational studyThomas P.L; Kaur H; Rishi K.S.
2021Silicon Based Security for Protection Against Hardware VulnerabilitiesKaur S; Singh B; Kaur H
2017Time series analysis and prediction of electricity consumption of health care institution using ARIMA modelKaur H; Ahuja S.