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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Anovelfive input majority gate design in quantum dot cellular automata with energy dissipation analysisSandhu A; Gupta S.
2019An area and energy efficient RAM cell design in quantum dot cellular automataSandhu A; Gupta S.
2019Breast cancer detection using deep learning and machine learning techniques: A reviewGupta I; Gupta S.
2019Collaborative methodologies for pattern evaluation for web personalization using Semantic Web MiningBhargava R; Kumar A; Gupta S.
2019A comprehensive study on recognition of various indian and non indian scriptsKumar N; Singh S; Monga A; Sharma A; Gupta S.
2017An effective algorithm for automatic measurement of vessel calibre in retinal fundus imagesKaur J; Kaur N; Acharyya M; Kapoor N; Chatterjee S; Gupta S.
2019Extraction of vasculature map of color retinal fundus imageGarg M; Gupta S.
2019FADU-EV an automated framework for pre-release emotive analysis of theatrical trailersSingh J; Goyal G; Gupta S.
2018Generation of binary mask of retinal fundus image using bimodal maskingGarg M; Gupta S.
2019Hidden markov model based punjabi to english machine transliteration systemGarg K.D; Singh U; Gupta S.
2021IoT-Based Portable Vital Sign Monitoring System for Rural AreaVerma V; Gupta D; Gupta S.
2019A majority gate based RAM cell design with least feature size in QCASandhu A; Gupta S.
2019Mediating effect of student engagement on social network sites and academic performance of medical studentsBhat I.H; Gupta S.
2018A novel algorithm for segmentation of diseased apple leaf imagesSingh S; Gupta S.
2019Performance Evaluation of an Efficient Five-Input Majority Gate Design in QCA NanotechnologySandhu A; Gupta S.
2017A supervised approach for automated detection of hemorrhages in retinal fundus imagesKaur N; Chatterjee S; Acharyya M; Kaur J; Kapoor N; Gupta S.