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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Anti-theft system for monitoring wheels of a vehicleSandhu A; Gupta S; Gupta R; Gupta D.
2019Big data clustering and hadoop distributed file system architectureAhlawat D; Gupta D.
2020Border surveillance using face recognition, mobile otp and emailKumar N; Gupta D.
2021Brief study to explore trust and security challenges in cloud computingSingh A; Kaur A; Gupta D.
2021Cloud computing: A walk through in models, challenges, and energy solutionsGupta N; Gupta K; Singh A; Kaur A; Gupta D.
2019Diabetic retinopathy prediction device systemGarg M; Gupta S; Ahuja R; Gupta D.
2020Effect of Pre and Post Tempering on Hole Quality of Float Glass Specimen: for Rotary Ultrasonic and Conventional DrillingSharma A; Jain V; Gupta D.
2020Enhancement of the Accuracy and QoS in Clustering of DataAhlawat D; Kaur A; Gupta D.
2020Framework to enhance the qos and security in cloud environmentAhlawat D; Kaur A; Gupta D.
2019Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Machine Learning: A ReviewShrivastava A; Jaggi I; Gupta S; Gupta D.
2019Heat transfer analysis of solid and perforated fins in regular arrangementGupta R; Singh V; Gupta S; Gupta D.
2021Influence of cutting force and drilling temperature on glass hole surface integrity during rotary ultrasonic drillingSharma A; Babbar A; Jain V; Gupta D.
2021Mathematical Approach on Chipping Volume Estimation Generated During Rotary Ultrasonic Drilling for Float GlassSharma A; Jain V; Gupta D.
2019A novel investigation study on float glass hole surface integrity & tool wear using Chemical assisted Rotary ultrasonic machiningSharma A; Jain V; Gupta D.
2021Recommender system: A bibliometric analysisSharma S; Gupta K; Gupta D.
2019Recommender system: Towards classification of human intentions in e-shopping using machine learningKaur B; Sharma R; Rani S; Gupta D.
2019Smart ambulance system using internet of things: A ruminationDahiya N; Garg M; Gupta S; Gupta D.
2019Stackable smart footwear rack using infrared sensorGupta R; Sharma S; Gupta S; Gupta D.
2019Stress detection using machine learning classifiers in internet of things environmentSharma R; Rani S; Gupta D.
2021Trust Model for Cloud Computing SystemMohan A; Gupta D.