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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An analysis of integration of internet of things and cloud computingKakkar L; Gupta D; Saxena S; Tanwar S.
2021Blockchain and IoT based vehicle tracking system for industry 4.0 applicationsChauhan H; Kumar D; Gupta D; Gupta S; Verma V.
2019Boosted random forest learning based convolution neural network model for face recognition systemGupta S; Jain P; Gupta D; Chauhan H.
2019Brazilian coins recognition using histogram of oriented gradients featuresGupta S; Kaur G; Gupta D; Jindal U.
2020Caching policies in NDN-IoT architectureGupta D; Rani S; Ahmed S.H; Hussain R.
2019Cloud load balancing algorithms: A comparative assessmentSingh J; Gupta D; Sharma N.
2020Cloud Resource Management Optimization: Taxonomy and Research ChallengesSingh J; Duhan B; Gupta D; Sharma N.
2020Compressed domain based robust digital video watermarking scheme to protect the copyrightAhuja R; Ahuja S; Gupta D; Haque M.J.
2021Consumer Electronic Devices: Evolution and Edge Security SolutionsRani S; Garg S; Gupta D; Jalilpiran M; Hossain M S
2019Effect of colony collapse disorder on honeybeesGupta D; Chauhan H; Gupta S; Gupta R.
2019Efficient fragsecure framework for data security and fragmentation in cloud computingNarang A; Gupta D; Kaur A.
2019Electronic Control System for Energy Saving in ElevatorGupta S; Gupta D; Gupta R; Sharma S; Kumar G.
2019Emerging technologies and trends in cloud computingGupta D; Gupta K; Kumar N.
2021ICN-Based Enhanced Cooperative Caching for Multimedia Streaming in Resource Constrained Vehicular EnvironmentGupta D; Rani S; Ahmed S H; Garg S
2021IoT Architectures and Its Security: A ReviewKakkar L; Gupta D; Saxena S; Tanwar S.
2021IoT based an eye-ware to assist in ocular communicationVerma V; Gupta D; Gupta S; Chauhan H.
2021IOT-Based Electronic Ticket Device for Environmental Conservation Using GSM ModuleChauhan H; Gupta D; Gupta S; Kumar D.
2021IoT-Based Portable Vital Sign Monitoring System for Rural AreaVerma V; Gupta D; Gupta S.
2021IoT: Systematic review, architecture, applications and dual impact on industriesKour K; Gupta D; Gupta K; Bali M.S.
2019Offline handwritten gurumukhi character recognition system using convolution neural networkGupta S; Jindal U; Gupta D; Gupta R.