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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Alcoholic neuropathy: Involvement of multifaceted signalling mechanismsBehl T; Yadav H N; Sharma P L
2020Ameliorative effect of selegiline in high fat diet induced obesity rat model: Possible role of dopaminergic pathwayGoyal A; Sharma A; Sharma D; Behl T; Kamboj A; Babu A.
2020Angiogenesis in obesityNijhawans P; Behl T; Bhardwaj S.
2021Anti-neuroinflammatory potential of polyphenols by inhibiting nf-?b to halt alzheimer's diseaseUddin M S; Hasana S; Ahmad J; Hossain M F; Rahman M M; Behl T; Rauf A; Ahmad A; Hafeez A; Perveen A; Ashraf G M
2020Arterial function in healthy pregnant women vs. non-pregnant women - A 10-year studyTuri V; Dragan S; Iurciuc M; Moleriu L; Bungau S; Tit D.M; Toader D.-O; Diaconu C.C; Behl T; Petre I.
2021Arterial function in hypertensive pregnant women. Is arterial stiffness a marker for the outcomes in pregnancy?Turi V; Iurciuc S; Cre?u O M; Tit D M; Bungau S; Apostol A; Moleriu R D; Bustea C; Behl T; Diaconu C C; Petre I
2021Aspects of excessive antibiotic consumption and environmental influences correlated with the occurrence of resistance to antimicrobial agentsBungau S; Tit D M; Behl T; Aleya L; Zaha D C
2021Assessing the microbiological contamination along with environmental factors of old books in the 1490-founded Bistri?a Monastery, RomaniaGlevitzky M; Aleya L; Vic? M L; Dumitrel G -A; Avram M; Tit D M; Popa M; Popa V -C; Behl T; Bungau S
2019Beneficial effect of sitagliptin on high fat diet induced obesity in wistar ratsKhushwaha S; Behl T; PandeyR.K; Kamboj A; Babu A; Goyal A.
2020Cardiovascular risk and statin therapy considerations in womenGheorghe G; Toth P.P; Bungau S; Behl T; Ilie M; Stoian A.P; Bratu O.G; Bacalbasa N; Rus M; Diaconu C.C.
2020Chemically diverse and biologically active secondary metabolites from marine phylum chlorophytaShah S.A.A; Ul Hassan S.S; Bungau S; Si Y; Xu H; Rahman M.H; Behl T; Gitea D; Pavel F.M; Aron R.A.C; Pasca B; Nemeth S.
2021CNS implications of COVID-19: A comprehensive reviewNagu P; Parashar A; Behl T; Mehta V
2020Covid-19 outbreak and emerging management through pharmaceutical therapeutic strategyRahman M H; Akter R; Behl T; Chowdhury M A R; Manirujjaman M; Bulbul I J; Elshenawy S E; Kamal M A
2020COVID-19 Outbreak: Pathogenesis, Current Therapies, and Potentials for Future ManagementHossain M.F; Hasana S; Mamun A.A; Uddin M.S; Wahed M.I.I; Sarker S; Behl T; Ullah I; Begum Y; Bulbul I.J; Amran M.S; Rahman M.H; Bin-Jumah M.N; Alkahtani S; Mousa S.A; Aleya L; Abdel-Daim M.M.
2020Cross linkage between oxidative stresses in diabetic nephropathy: An updated reviewKakar M; Shreya; Behl T; Singh S; Sharma N; Sachdeva M
2021Cross-talks among GBA mutations, glucocerebrosidase, and ?-synuclein in GBA-associated Parkinson´┐Żs disease and their targeted therapeutic approachesBehl T; Kaur G; Fratila O; Buhas C; Judea-Pusta C.T; Negrut N; Bustea C; Bungau S
2021Deciphering the molecular role of non-coding RNA in malignant cardiac diseaseSharma I; Behl T; Sehgal A; Sachdeva M; Singh S; Sharma N; Bungau S
2021Deciphering the neuroprotective role of glucagon-like peptide-1 agonists in diabetic neuropathy: Current perspective and future directionsMehta K; Behl T; Kumar A; Uddin M S; Zengin G; Arora S
2021Detection of gyra and parc mutations and prevalence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance genes in klebsiella pneumoniaeKareem S M; Al-Kadmy I M S; Kazaal S S; Ali A N M; Aziz S N; Makharita R R; Algammal A M; Al-Rejaie S; Behl T; Batiha G E -S; El-Mokhtar M A; Hetta H F
2020Determination of the total polyphenols content and antioxidant activity of Echinacea purpurea extracts using newly manufactured glassy carbon electrodes modified with carbon nanotubesBanica F; Bungau S; Tit D.M; Behl T; Otrisal P; Nechifor A.C; Gitea D; Pavel F.-M; Nemeth S.