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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Application of central composite design for statistical optimization of trigonella foenum-graecum phytosome-based creamSharma N; Singh S; Laller N; Arora S.
2019Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of chalcone based compounds in Alzheimer's diseaseSingh M; Saini B; Singh T.G; Chander J; Satija S; Arora S.
2020The dual impact of ACE2 in COVID-19 and ironical actions in geriatrics and pediatrics with possible therapeutic solutionsBehl T; Kaur I; Bungau S; Kumar A; Uddin M.S; Kumar C; Pal G; Sahil; Shrivastava K; Zengin G; Arora S.
2020The endocannabinoid signaling pathway as an emerging target in pharmacotherapy, earmarking mitigation of destructive events in rheumatoid arthritisKaur I; Behl T; Bungau S; Zengin G; Kumar A; El-Esawi M.A; Khullar G; Venkatachalam T; Arora S.
2020Exploring the therapeutic promise of targeting HMGB1 in rheumatoid arthritisKaur I; Behl T; Bungau S; Kumar A; Mehta V; Setia D; Uddin M.S; Zengin G; Aleya L; Arora S.
2020Formulation and evaluation of essential oils based liquid herbal hand washChitkara M; Sindhu R.K; Singh I; Kumar D; Sandhu I.S; Arora S.
2020Mechanistic insights into the role of pyroptosis in rheumatoid arthritisChadha S; Behl T; Bungau S; Kumar A; Arora R; Gupta A; Uddin M.S; Zengin G; Aleya L; Setia D; Arora S.
2020Molecular insights into therapeutic promise of targeting of Wnt/?-catenin signaling pathway in obesityNijhawan P; Behl T; Bungau S; Uddin M.S; Zengin G; Arora S.
2020Nano-structured lipid carriers: A promising strategy and current progress in rheumatoid arthritis and pain managementSharma N; Sharma S; Singh S; Garg K; Singh S.K; Arora S.
2020Nitrogen-containing heterocycles as anticancer agents: An overviewLang D.K; Kaur R; Arora R; Saini B; Arora S.
2019Preformulation studies of fluvastatin sodium with polyvinyl pyrollidone K-30 and polyethylene glycol 6000Sharma N; Singh S; Kaur G; Arora S.
2020Review article chalcones: A privileged scaffold with diverse biological activitiesSingh M; Sharma P; Joshi P; Saini K; Sharma A; Puri V; Chander J; Singh T.G; Arora S.
2020Role of brain derived neurotropic factor in obesityPandit M; Behl T; Sachdeva M; Arora S.
2020Role of HDAC inhibitors in diabetes mellitusMakkar R; Behl T; Arora S.
2020Role of Nrf2 in rheumatoid arthritisChadha S; Behl T; Kumar A; Khullar G; Arora S.
2018Synthesis of phthaloylglycyl hydrazide derivatives: Selective protection of phthalimide group from hydrazinolysisGera A; Mohan C; Arora S.
2020Understanding the Role of Inflammasomes in Rheumatoid ArthritisMakkar R; Behl T; Bungau S; Kumar A; Arora S.