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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Aspects of excessive antibiotic consumption and environmental influences correlated with the occurrence of resistance to antimicrobial agentsBungau S; Tit D M; Behl T; Aleya L; Zaha D C
2021Assessing the microbiological contamination along with environmental factors of old books in the 1490-founded Bistri?a Monastery, RomaniaGlevitzky M; Aleya L; Vic? M L; Dumitrel G -A; Avram M; Tit D M; Popa M; Popa V -C; Behl T; Bungau S
2020COVID-19 Outbreak: Pathogenesis, Current Therapies, and Potentials for Future ManagementHossain M.F; Hasana S; Mamun A.A; Uddin M.S; Wahed M.I.I; Sarker S; Behl T; Ullah I; Begum Y; Bulbul I.J; Amran M.S; Rahman M.H; Bin-Jumah M.N; Alkahtani S; Mousa S.A; Aleya L; Abdel-Daim M.M.
2020Exploring the therapeutic promise of targeting HMGB1 in rheumatoid arthritisKaur I; Behl T; Bungau S; Kumar A; Mehta V; Setia D; Uddin M.S; Zengin G; Aleya L; Arora S.
2021Focus on Multi-targeted Role of Curcumin: a Boon in Therapeutic ParadigmGrover M; Behl T; Sachdeva M; Bungao S; Aleya L; Setia D
2021Genetic Diversity of SARS-CoV2 and Environmental Settings: Possible Association with Neurological DisordersHasana S; Hossain M F; Jalouli M; Kabir M T; Uddin M G; Wahed M I I; Behl T; Bin-Jumah M N; Abdel-Daim M M; Aleya L; Uddin M S
2020Mechanistic insights into the role of pyroptosis in rheumatoid arthritisChadha S; Behl T; Bungau S; Kumar A; Arora R; Gupta A; Uddin M.S; Zengin G; Aleya L; Setia D; Arora S.
2021Role of metallic pollutants in neurodegeneration: effects of aluminum, lead, mercury, and arsenic in mediating brain impairment events and autism spectrum disorderKaur I; Behl T; Aleya L; Rahman M H; Kumar A; Arora S; Akter R
2021Role of UPP pathway in amelioration of diabetes-associated complicationsGupta A; Behl T; Aleya L; Rahman M H; Yadav H N; Pal G; Kaur I; Arora S
2020Variations in the chemical composition of the essential oil of Lavandula angustifolia Mill., Moldoveanca 4 Romanian varietyBogdan M; Bungau S; Tit D.M; Copolovici L; Behl T; Otrisal P.; Aleya L; Cioca G; Berescu D; Uivarosan D; Copolovici D.M.