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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Academic performance prediction using data mining techniques: Identification of influential factors effecting the academic performance in undergrad professional courseKamal P; Ahuja S.
2019Color image segmentation without any information lossHaque M.J; Ahuja R; Ahuja S.
2020Comparative Survey of Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Parkinson's DiseaseSaxena M; Ahuja S.
2020Deep learning approach for diabetes prediction using PIMA Indian datasetNaz H; Ahuja S.
2019Deep learning model for face recognition in unconstrained environmentMoghekar R; Ahuja S.
2020Enhanced privacy preservation using hybridization of Cuckoo search and SVMSharma S; Ahuja S.
2019An ensemble-based model for prediction of academic performance of students in undergrad professional courseKamal P; Ahuja S.
2019Face recognition: Literature review with emphasis on deep learningMoghekar R; Ahuja S.
2019A hybrid arima and discrete wavelet transform model for predicting the electricity consumption of PunjabKaur H; Ahuja S.
2017Implementation of data mining algorithms on student's data using rapid minerAngra S; Ahuja S.
2018An Improved Image Steganography Technique using Block Division Least Significant Bit approachGupta A; Ahuja S.
2017Machine learning and its applications: A reviewAngra S; Ahuja S.
2019Privacy preserving data mining: A review of the state of the artSharma S; Ahuja S.
2017A review on identifying influencing factors and data mining techniques best suited for analyzing students' performanceMarwaha A; Ahuja S.
2019SARIMA modelling for forecasting the electricity consumption of a health care buildingKaur H; Ahuja S.
2017Time series analysis and prediction of electricity consumption of health care institution using ARIMA modelKaur H; Ahuja S.
2020Weight based-artificial neural network (W-ann) for predicting dengue using machine learning approach with Indian perspectiveKapoor R; Kadyan V; Ahuja S.