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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A case study: Analysis of patents on coronaviruses and covid-19 for technological assessment and future researchMusyuni P; Aggarwal G; Nagpal M; Goyal R K
2020COVID-19: Epidemiology, pathogenicity and global updatesSingh M; Nagpal M; Singh V; Sharma A; Dhingra G.A; Maman P; Puri V.
2020Development of binary dispersions and nanocomposites of irbesartan with enhanced antihypertensive activityPuri V; Nagpal M; Sharma A; Thakur G S; Singh M; Aggarwal G
2020Gold nanoparticles-boon in cancer theranosticsJindal M; Nagpal M; Singh M; Aggarwal G; Dhingra G A
2021Improved antibacterial activity of topical gel-based on nanosponge carrier of cinnamon oilKaur M; Nagpal M; Singh M; Singh T G; Aggarwal G; Dhingra G A
2020Improved efficacy of lovastatin from soluplus-peg hybrid polymer-based binary dispersionsVerma R; Nagpal M; Singh T G; Singh M; Aggarwal G
2019Improved solubility of itraconazole binary dispersions using neem gum: Development and characterization of topical gelNagpal M; Raj N; Thakur G.S; Aggarwal G
2018Nano era of dentistry-an updateMaman P; Nagpal M; Gilhotra R.M; Aggarwal G.
2020Osteoblast-n-osteoclast: Making headway to osteoporosis treatmentKaur M; Nagpal M; Singh M.
2019Resorbable polymer fiber reinforced composites in biomedical applicationMaman P; Nagpal M; Aggarwal G
2020Treatment of psoriasis: A comprehensive review of entire therapiesBakshi H; Nagpal M; Singh M; Dhingra G A; Aggarwal G