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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Exploring the recent molecular targets for diabetes and associated complicationsGupta A; Behl T; Sehgal A; Bhardwaj S; Singh S; Sharma N; Hafeez A
2021Focus on the Multimodal Role of Autophagy in Rheumatoid ArthritisChadha S; Behl T; Bungau S; Kumar A; Kaur R; Venkatachalam T; Gupta A; Kandhwal M; Chandel D
2017Identification of requirements of software reengineering for JAVA projectsSingh J; Gupta A; Singh J.
2018An Improved Image Steganography Technique using Block Division Least Significant Bit approachGupta A; Ahuja S.
2019Insights into the role of endostatin in obesityNijhawan P; Makkar R; Gupta A; Arora S; Garg M; Behl T.
2020Intercalating the role of micrornas in cancer: As enemy or protectorBehl T; Kumar C; Makkar R; Gupta A; Sachdeva M.
2020Key milestones in the diabetes research: A comprehensive updateGupta A; Behl T; Sachdeva M.
2019Mdm2-P53 interaction inhibitor with cisplatin enhances apoptosis in colon and prostate cancer cells in-vitroGupta A; Behl T; Heer H.R; Deshmukh R
2020Mechanistic insights into the role of pyroptosis in rheumatoid arthritisChadha S; Behl T; Bungau S; Kumar A; Arora R; Gupta A; Uddin M.S; Zengin G; Aleya L; Setia D; Arora S.
2018Performance Analysis of RDBMS and Hadoop Components with Their File Formats for the Development of Recommender SystemsGupta A; Saxena M; Gill R.
2019Reactivation of p53 gene by MDM2 inhibitors: A novel therapy for cancer treatmentGupta A; Shah K; Oza M.J; Behl T
2019A review of phytochemistry and pharmacology profile of Juglans regiaGupta A; Behl T; Panichayupakaranan P.
2021Role of UPP pathway in amelioration of diabetes-associated complicationsGupta A; Behl T; Aleya L; Rahman M H; Yadav H N; Pal G; Kaur I; Arora S
2021Status of mannose-binding lectin (MBL) and complement system in COVID-19 patients and therapeutic applications of antiviral plant MBLsGupta A; Gupta G.S.
2021Therapeutic potential of Nrf-2 pathway in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy and nephropathyGupta A; Behl T; Sehgal A; Bhatia S; Jaglan D; Bungau S