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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2015Gamma Photon Exposure Buildup Factors for Some Spin Ice Compounds Using G-P Fitting MethodSingh, V. P.; Badiger, N. M.
2-Feb-2015Calculating the energy of electron in H-atom using modified SUSY physicsSeshavatharam, U. V. S.; Lakshminarayana, S.
2-Feb-2015Critical Exponents of Quantum Phase Transition Between U(5) and O(6) Limits of Interacting Boson ModelSabri, H.; Fathi, H.
2-Feb-2015Structural Stability and Level Density of Hot Rotating Doubly Magic Isotopes of CalciumKumar, S. Santhosh; Preetha, P; Vinodini, P; Rajasekaran, T.R.
2-Feb-2015Electrochemical Characterization of Cathodized Copper Oxide Thin FilmsGhadge, T.S.; Lokhande, B. J.
28-Jun-2017Effect of Partial Replacement of Slag and Nano Silica Infused Slag on Properties of ConcreteMunnoli, Prakash Mallappa; Pattar, Tejashwini R.; Garawad, Jyoti S.
28-Jun-2017A Review of Various Swarm Intelligence Based Routing Protocols for IotAgnihotri, Shailja; Ramkumar, K.R.
3-Aug-2015Studies on Neutron, Photon (Bremsstrahlung) and Proton Induced Fission of Actinides and Pre-ActinidesNaik, H.; Kim, G.N.; Suryanarayana, S.V.; Kim, K.S.; Lee, M.W.; Sanjeev, Ganesh; Nimje, V.T.; Mittal, K.C.; Ganesan, S.; Goswami, A.
3-Aug-2015Influence of Incomplete Fusion Reaction on Complete Fusion Below 10 Mev/ Nucleon EnergiesKumar, Harish; Ali, Rahbar; Singh, D.; M. P. N., Naseef; Ansari, M. Afzal; Goldada, K. S.; Muralithar, S.; Kumar, Rakesh; Das, J. J.; Singh, R. P.; Bhowmik, R. K.
3-Aug-2015Detector Geometry Simulation Using GEANT4Kalra, Daisy; Bhatnanagar, Vipin; Ashok Kumar; J. S., Shahi