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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2014Potential of Some Fungal and Bacterial Species in Bioremediation of Heavy MetalsKumar, Raman; Sharma, Anil K; Singh, Prem; Dhir, Bhupinder; Mehta, Devinder
22-Feb-2014Elemental analysis of nanomaterial using photon-atom interaction based EDXRF techniqueKumar, Sanjeev; Kumar, Arun; Chitkara, Mansi; Snadhu, I.S.; Mehta, Devinder
2-Feb-2014Elemental Analysis of Soil Samples Using Thick Target-Particle Induced X-Ray Emission (Tt-Pixe) TechniqueKumar, Sunil; Mehta, D.; Kumar, Sunil
2-Feb-2014Extensions of Natural Radioactivity to 4th-Type and of the Periodic Table to Super-heavy Nuclei: Contribution of Raj K Gupta to Cold Nuclear PhenomenaSingh, BirBikram; Kumar, Sushil; Sharma, Manoj K.; Patra, S. K.
2-Feb-2014Characterization of Zinc Nanoferrite Doped HPMC Polymers Using X-Ray DiffractionMahadevaiah, Mahadevaiah; G, Thejas Urs; Somashekar, R; Demappa, T
2-Aug-2014Formation of Medium-Heavy Elements in Rapid Neutron Capture ProcessIkram, M.; Singh, S. K.; Patra, S. K.
20-Aug-2014Quantum Effects on the Linear Dispersion Characteristics in Electron-Positron PlasmaMohamed, Bahaa F.; Abou-Salem, L. I.; Albrulsy, Rehab
20-Aug-2014PADC Detected External Neutron Field by Nuclear Tracks at RFX-modGonzalez, W.; Zuin, M.; Martines, E.; Espinosa, G; Golzari, J. I.; Viesti, G.; Pino, F.; Sajo-Bohus, L.; Bermudez, J; Moro, D.; Palfalvi, J. K.
20-Mar-2014On the Fusion of Neutron/ Proton-Rich Colliding Nuclei Using Isospin-Dependent PotentialsDutt, Ishwar; Kaur, Maninder
2-Aug-2014The Meijer's G-functions Convenient for Describing β & γ-decaysPishkoo, Amir