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Title: Examining the Attitude of Youth Towards Online Advertising and its Influence on their Buying Intentions
Authors: Gupta, Sahil
Keywords: Attitude of Youth
Online Advertising
Influence Buying Intentions
Buying Intentions
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2019
Publisher: Chitkara University
Abstract: Advertising has been considered as one of the most important and imperative means of communicating information about a product under marketing. It covers a mass number of people in a very effective manner leaving a considerable impact on the minds of the consumer so that he gets influenced to purchase a product. In today’s world where the consumers are highly educated and aware of the developments, the techniques of advertising have also been modified and presented in such a manner that customer get attracted. As technology and the internet has been introduced in every industry and sector, it has also marked a place in the field of advertising. Now, advertising takes place with the help of internet which holds an immense potential to reach customers all over the world. As compared to other media, the immediate and quick response is obtained with the help of online advertising (Danaher & Mullarkey, 2003).
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