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Title: In Silico Designing of Novel Thiazolidine-2-one Derivatives as Dual PDE4/7 Inhibitors for Inflammatory Disorders
Keywords: Anti-inflammatory activity
Drug design
Dual PDE4/7 inhibitors
Thiazolidine-2-one derivatives
Issue Date: 2-Nov-2017
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: Phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) and phosphodiesterase 7 (PDE7), members of PDE super family, catalyse metabolism of secondary messenger cyclic adenosine monophosphate leading to augmented inflammatory processes in pro-inflammatory and immune-modulatory cells. Dual inhibitors of PDE4/7 are a novel class of drug candidates which can regulate pro-inflammatory as well as function of immune T-cell and are particularly beneficial for the treatment of various inflammatory diseases devoid of unwanted actions. Intense efforts have been directed towards the development of effective dual inhibitors of both PDE4 and PDE7, but not much success has been reported till yet. The aim of present study was to design some newer substituted thiazolidine-2-one derivatives as dual inhibitors of PDE4/7 using structure based rational drug design approach.A new series of thiazolidine-2-one analogues were designed and molecular docking was performed using AutoDock Vina to explore the bonding interactions of the designed molecules with the amino acid residues in the active site of target proteins. The docking study indicated that all the substituted thiazolidine-2-one derivatives have appreciable binding interactions with protein residues of both PDE4 and PDE7. The newly designed compounds could be used as lead molecules for development potent and non-toxic dual inhibitors of PDE4/7 for the management of various inflammatory conditions.
ISSN: Print 2321-2217
Online 2321-2225
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