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Title: The Contribution of Forest Sector in Building of Green Economy
Authors: Gurvinder Kaur
Sharma, Manisha, 1962-
Keywords: Ecosystem services
Green Economy
Wood fuel
Biodiesel and Bamboo
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2016
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: Protection of environment has been the cornerstone of Indian ethos and culture. Forests play an important role in environmental stability and provide a variety of benefits to the economy. The current environmental crisis presents unique opportunities for moving towards greener future by giving a major thrust to the forest sector that will generate employment, create real and durable assets and help rebuild rural India. The objective of this paper is to assessing the contribution of forest sector in building green economy. The paper is divided into two sections, first section reflects the role of forest sector in building green economy and in second section explains suggestions and policy implications. Use of bio energy will contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will be helpful in conserving bio diversity as well as will reduce India’s dependence on importing oil. Producing biodiesel from tree-borne oilseeds is seen by many as a win-win opportunity to solve India’s most pressing problems. Biomass is a versatile renewable resource and wood fuels contribute 56 percent of total biomass energy in India. The time seems to be right to give forestry a prime place in India’s pursuit of more equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. Green economy can be built by joint effort of government and people of country. The transition to a green economy will entail moving away from the system that allowed, and at times generated, these crises to a system that proactively addresses and prevents them.
ISSN: Print 2349-7564
Online 2349-7769
Appears in Collections:JCE Volume 2 Number 2 (March - 2016)

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