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Title: Pulsatile Drug Delivery System – A Novel Approach for Time and Spatial Controlled Drug Delivery
Authors: ., Umang
Sharma, Prashant
Chopra, Hitesh
Kumar, Sandeep
Keywords: Pulsatile Drug Delivery System
Controlled Drug Delivery
Issue Date: 7-May-2016
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: The area of pharmaceutical research is broadened with the invention of new pharmaceutical drug delivery system. The traditional drug deliveries systems have not the way to treat or cure special disease or as well as the common disease with less side effects and maximized efficacy. ODDS have various advantages and disadvantages but their disadvantages are overcome by the CDDS. CDDS although they overcome the disadvantages of ODDS but do not handle the special pharmacological disease requirements. To overcome this PDDS is established to overcome the disadvantages of CDDS. PDDS has gained importance in the drug delivery system because of improved patient compliance, therapeutic efficacy and having fewer side effects. PDDS uses lag time for delivery of drug in body. Various systems are there in PDDS to overcome the patient’s special chronopharmacological needs.
ISSN: Print 2321-2217
Online 2321-2225
Appears in Collections:JPTRM Volume 4 Number 1 (May - 2016)

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