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Title: Study of correlated life time reliability models
Authors: Khakkar, Mohit Kumar
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2014
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: Title of the present thesis is “Study of Correlated Life Time Reliability Models”. This study is an effort to analyze the reliability and profit on the basis of the failure and repair rate. Analysis of one unit and two units‟ repairable systems has received considerable attraction and has been extensively studied by several authors in the past. The Lifetime and Repair time of units are assumed to be independent random variables. But in a real life situation, this assumption may not hold good. Hence an attempt has been made in this thesis to relax this assumption and we obtain several measures of system performance by assuming that the life time and repair time of units in the system are with dependent structure and the underlying distribution is Bivariate Exponential. So in this thesis an attempt has been made to study a complex and novel model system, a number of interesting and important characteristics useful for reliability practitioners and system designers are obtained for several models, further emphasis is also on the construction of comprehensive cost functions and their numerical optimizations.
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