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Title: Pharmacogenomics: Applications in Drug Discovery and Pharmacotherapy
Authors: Chopra, Hitesh
Kumar, Sandeep
Vandana, Vandana
Arora, Sandeep
Keywords: Pharmacogenomics
personalized medicine
DNA Microarray
Issue Date: 30-May-2014
Abstract: Pharmacogenomics is the scientific study which explains individual variability of drug targets and to explore the genetic basis for such changes. With the completion of human genomic study, clear relation could now be established between the drug response in relation to a person’s genome. Pharmacogenomics, also known as personalized medicine, uses the person’s genome to determine the dose and dosage regimen, so that therapy could be optimized. As with the techniques like DNA microarray technologies person’s response to a therapy can be predicted and new therapies could be assigned. In the present review, the current technologies, and past significance has been discussed.
ISSN: Print 2321-2217
Online 2321-2225
Appears in Collections:JPTRM Volume 2 Number 1 (May - 2014)

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