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Title: Probable Projectile-Target Combinations for the Synthesis of Super Heavy Nucleus 286112
Authors: Santhosh, K. P.
Jose, V. Bobby
Keywords: Heavy-ion reactions
Coulomb and proximity potential
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2014
Abstract: The fusion cross sections for the reactions of all the projectile-target combinations found in the cold valleys of 286112 have been studied using scattering potential as the sum of Coulomb and proximity potential, so as to predict the most probable projectile-target combinations in heavy ion fusion reactions for the synthesis of super heavy nucleus 286112. While considering the nature of potential pockets and half lives of the colliding nuclei, the systems 82Ge + 204Hg, 80Ge + 206Hg and 78Zn + 208Pb found in the deep cold valley region and the systems 48Ca+238U, 38S+248Cm and 44Ar+242Pu in the cold valleys are predicted to be the better optimal projectile-target combinations for the synthesis of super heavy nucleus 286112.
ISSN: Print : 2321-8649
Online : 2321–9289
Appears in Collections:JNP Volume 1 Number 2 (February - 2014)

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