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Title: Profit Analysis of Non-Identical Parallel System with Two Types of Failure Using Discrete Distribution
Authors: Chitkara, Ashok K
Bhatti, Jasdev
Kakkar, Mohit
Keywords: Geometric distribution
Regenerating point technique
Busy period
Profit function
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2014
Abstract: This paper has analyzed the two non-identical operative parallel system considering two units (automatic and manual one) by using regenerative point technique. For the automatic unit the concept of inspection policy has been introduced to detect the kind of failures (major or minor) before being repaired by some repair mechanism. But the manual unit is free from such inspection policy. Various important measures of reliability i.e MTSF, steady state availability, busy period of repairman and inspector, profit function has been evaluated by designing model for the system and using discrete distribution & regenerative point techniques. Profit function and MTSF are also analyzed graphically.
ISSN: Print 2278-9561
Online 2278-957X
Appears in Collections:MJIS Volume 1 Number 2 (March - 2013)

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