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Title: Probability Analysis of a Complex System Working in a Sugar Mill with Repair Equipment Failure and Correlated Life Time
Authors: Kakkar, Mohit
Chitkara, Ashok K
Bhatti, Jasdev
Keywords: Transition Probabilities
Busy Period
Profit Function
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2014
Abstract: The relationship between The aim of this paper is to present a reliability analysis of a complex (SJP) system in a sugar mill with the assumption that repair equipment may also fail during the repair. This paper considers the analysis of a three-unit system with one big unit and two small identical units of a SJP System in a sugar mill. Failure and Repair times of each unit are assumed to be correlated. Using regenerative point technique various reliability characteristics are obtained which are useful to system designers and industrial managers. Graphical behaviors of MTSF and profit function have also been studied.
ISSN: Print 2278-9561
Online 2278-957X
Appears in Collections:MJIS Volume 1 Number 1 (July - 2012)

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